Who We Are

Curby and co is the ultimate companion for you all. Whether outdoors, at work or even in the pocket, the wide range of leather products Our Leather Accessories has on offer are all befitting of the vibrant lifestyles. From the basic to the fashion-forward, Our designs are able to compliment all essential requirements of male and female leather enthusiasts.

With high quality and genuine leather products being hard to come by and at a hefty price, but Curby and Co gets it right! All products are made purely out of 100% Cow and Sheep leather, and are available at the most affordable prices around. Being an amalgamation of aesthetic and function, Our products will help organize and collect your personal belongings, and make sure you look top-notch every day, all this while, ensuring that customers are able to utilize them for a lifetime.

Our Leather Accessories caters to every kind of consumer. Besides providing for the average customer, We also sells to corporate clients, that wish to purchase large orders of multiple product type.